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June is the National Safety Month and it is fitting to learn and practice safety when maintaining or upgrading your home. May it be a simple wall painting, installation of new kitchen cabinets, organization of the garage, or the renovation of a backyard shed, there are certain safety guidelines that you must observe to stay safe. In recognition of National Safety Month, here are four safety tips to follow when upgrading or renovating your home.

Safety tips when upgrading home

1. Keep all sharp tools, paints, and chemicals out of reach from children. Little kids always want to help. Make sure that them “helping” doesn’t lead to an injury by properly storing or keeping supplies out of their reach.

2. Keep some areas off-limits. Small children are a curious bunch. If you are renovating or upgrading a part of your home, make sure that it is off-limits to your kids and pets.

3. Wear proper safety gear. Wear protective eye gear when hammering, exposed to debris, or using chemicals. Wear a dust mask or proper ventilation apparatus when exposed to inhalants or dust, too.

4. Know your limits. Saving money on home renovations sounds great but at what cost to safety? Know what you can and cannot do efficiently and safely. Saving a buck here can cost thousands later in repair corrections or expensive hospital bills. Some skills simply require expertise, like water heater installation, and that’s ok.