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How do you surprise dad on Father’s Day? Do you buy him a gift? A new tie, perhaps, or a surprise dinner with mom at their favorite restaurant? May your way of recognizing dad, be it simple or fancy, your efforts and thoughtful actions will surely be appreciated. Below, we have organized five of our favorite Utah Rooter customer-submitted ways that you can surprise your dad with on Father’s Day.

Father’s Day

1. Clean his garage. The garage often doubles as a storage area, but it usually little attention afterward. Help dad spend time to clean and arrange the garage and keep his tools in one place. Your efforts will surely bring a smile to your dad’s face.

2. Break out the tools. A broken cabinet needs a quick fix and your busy dad can’t seem to find time for it? Why not fix it yourself? You can put your carpentry skills to good use by fixing dad’s cabinet, furniture, or whatever else is on his honey-do list.

3. Tune up his car. Dad has that car that he always means to get to. Why not tune it up for him? Or, if it’s his baby and it runs fine, why not wash and polish your dad’s car for a nice surprise?

4. Tidy his home. Let’s face it; dad usually isn’t the type to keep the house clean. Why not help him with some clean up or some basic house maintenance?

5. Mow or landscape the yard. Surprise your dad by tidying up the yard for some added curb appeal.