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Everyone is aware of Black Friday, so why not take advantage of it to score some tools for those long overdue home repairs? Finally, you can fix that loose cabinet, screeching door, or broken window.

Repair tools to score on Black Friday

1. Pliers

Pliers are used in pulling, pinching, or bending metals into different positions or forms. It’s one of the most important tools homeowners can own. Don’t forget to buy a complete set of pliers – long-nose pliers, locking pliers, and combination pliers for holding tiny objects.

2. Hammer

Pulling and pounding nails is impossible without a hammer. Find an affordable, yet long and lightweight hammer this Black Friday craze. Choose the one with a comfortable grip and a curved claw for added can provide more convenience than the curved claw design.

3. Cordless Drill

A cordless drill is a must-have. Small projects are done in a breeze with a cordless drill.

4. Screwdrivers

Sometimes, even a cordless drill won’t cut it. When you need to get your hands into tight spots or just need the efficiency of a manual screwdriver, you can stock up on Black Friday.

5. Tool Box

What good are all of your new tools if you don’t have a place to put them? Tool boxes serve as a central repository for all the best tools you keep at home. Now is your chance to purchase a new tool box this Black Friday.

Make the most of Black Friday discounts. Other important home tools include levels, drill bit sets, wrenches, flashlights, tape measures, utility knifes, and air compressors or power tools. Be wise and smart in choosing the best home tools that suit your budget and needs.