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This Arbor Day, make sure to keep trees on your good list. While trees can be stunning for landscaping, delicious providers of fruit, and welcome sources of shade, their roots can wreck your home.

Arbor day

It is natural that the roots of the trees and any shrubs grow toward sewer lines. Since pipes are a source of water, roots gravitate towards them when moisture is detected. When a root finds a leak, it will take advantage of the new source of water. Tree roots can quickly grow to sizes large enough that they can block water flow. This can mean that water is blocked either coming into or out of your Davis County or Salt Lake City home. Broken and blocked drain pipes can cause gross backflow and sewage flooding into your home. Blocked supply lines, or still even drain lines that are far enough out from the home, can cause leaks into your yard that can grow to be massive sink holes and, literally and figuratively, money pits. This arbor day, exercise some precautionary methods when planting trees for landscaping.

Find out where your sewer lines are located. It is always good practice for a homeowner to ask assistance from city departments or local utility companies before digging when doing any landscaping around your Utah home. It is always good to locate the cables and pipes before proceeding. One call to the proper department can identify a utility line that could save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs if not identified otherwise.

Consider planting shallow-rooted trees and shrubs. Plants that have shorter roots give peace of mind that their root systems can’t grow deep enough to penetrate sewer lines. When planting trees that will have larger root bases, make sure to plant several feet away from your home’s foundation or known utility or sewer lines.

Should you find yourself already suffering from roots invading your Utah pipes or sprinkler systems, contact our friendly, professional drain cleaners and rooters at Utah Rooter. Don’t forget to mention that you found us online to receive a 10% discount on your first service. Call 801-712-1940 today.