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Toilets are workhorses, handling frequent flushings—sometimes of items that were never intended for toilets (think Legos, Barbie shoes, and marbles.) Toilets generally last for a long time—sometimes up to 50 years—but even the best-made toilets won’t last forever.

Toilet replacement

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Here are a few warning signs that you may need to replace your current toilet:

  • Cracks – When your toilet develops cracks, either in the tank or bowl, it is time to say goodbye. When you start noticing water collecting on the floor around the toilet, look for cracks where the water leak originates. At times, the pool of water on the floor is caused by condensation, not by cracks, so make sure you can find the source. If you are not sure about the cause of the standing water, consult a professional drain cleaner who can help you troubleshoot.
  • Inefficiency – You will need to replace your toilet if it uses too much water every time you flush. Old toilets can use up to 7 gallons of water with each flush. Save the Earth and your water bill by replacing your water-guzzling toilet with a new one that uses only 1.6 gallons per flush.
  • Frequent problems – If your toilet is always in need of repair, replace it with a new one. At some point, your expenses for parts and repair labor will exceed the cost of a new toilet.
  • Wobbling – Your toilet should be fixed and stable. If your toilet feels unsteady when you sit on it, something is loose somewhere. You can call a professional drain cleaner for an estimate, but they may recommend a new toilet.
  • Poor appearance – Your toilet may still be functional, but if it is an eyesore, you can improve the aesthetics of your entire bathroom by replacing it.
  • Lack of comfort – If your toilet is uncomfortable to sit on due to its size, height, bowl shape, or other factors, you may want to invest in a new one.

Call a licensed and insured plumber to help you with toilet replacement.