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Home and business owners often waste money by committing plumbing mistakes that could be easily avoided. Steer clear of these common errors to save money and sanity.

Common Plumbing Pitfalls

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  • Choosing plumbers indiscriminately – Just as many fields have specialties, so too does plumbing. Not all plumbers have the knowledge and training to solve the full spectrum of plumbing problems. For example, a regular plumber probably could not fix a specialized commercial dishwasher. For complicated plumbing problems, call a professional plumber with knowledge and experience in the appropriate area.
  • Choosing the cheapest plumber – Choosing a plumber based on the price consideration only can pave the way for problems. Inexpensive plumbers may perform low-quality work. Choose your plumber based on experience and specialty, not just price. You can call any certified plumber to replace a worn-out gasket in your kitchen faucet, but you need a high quality plumber to look into something like a tankless water heater.
  • Overlooking recommendations from others – Ask around when it comes time to hire a licensed plumber and don’t discount the recommendations of others. If your neighbor or co-worker suggests a particular plumber, give credence to their counsel. To verify your friends’ suggestions, check online to see reviews and testimonials from previous clients.
  • Solving a complex problem by yourself – Unless you are trained plumber, do not attempt to solve intricate plumbing problems on your own. There are many things that you can do by yourself, especially now that most of us have access to an abundance of online how-to videos online. However, some plumbing work requires specialized tools and techniques that only professional plumbers have. Rather than risking headaches and hassle with failed DIY plumbing projects, hire a professional plumber when the job gets complicated.
  • Not servicing your plumbing system – When the plumbing system works fine, we have a tendency to ignore it, but regular maintenance of plumbing systems can prevent big, expensive problems down the line.

Don’t get caught making simple plumbing mistakes. Most of them can be avoided. Pay attention to your plumbing system, and correct any small problems before they get worse.