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When you leave for work in the morning, it’s natural to assume that everything will be in the same order when you return in the evening. In some cases, homeowners confront a different result; they return to find an area of the house flooded because of a leak from a hot water tank, the washing machine, or a bathroom fixture. If water has been flowing uncontrolled for several hours while the homeowner is away, the situation could turn into a full-blown disaster.

Benefits of Water Leak Detection Systems

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Hot water heaters, washing machines, ice machines, toilets, showers, and other necessities in the house could wear down over time. The evidence of the breakdowns may go unnoticed, but they will grow from bad to worse if not properly addressed. The best prevention against this scenario is a leak detection and alarm/shut-off system that will provide homeowners reliable flood control and peace of mind.

Water leak detection systems are designed to provide maximum protection against water leaks and resulting house flooding with 24/7 monitoring. The system detects small leaks such as condensate, line cracks, chiller water leaks, leaks in heating/cooling pipes, and outside seepage before major damage occurs.

There are different models of water leak detectors. Some models sound an alarm when activated by the presence of leaks. Other variations provide local and remote detection when activated. These models can alert the system owners with a message on their smartphone or computer.

A water leak detection system safeguards the entire home by detecting and stopping any abnormal levels of water flow. It is referred to as the “circuit breaker” of any piping system. It uses sensor technology to detect leaks. In the event of a leak, it will automatically shut off the supply of water to the area of the leak. The timely water shutoff will protect your home against costly water damage.