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It was Patricia Bays Haroski who started this celebration when she registered with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce the “National Boss’s Day” in 1958. She was then working as a secretary for her father at an insurance company in Illinois, which leads us to believe that her dad was a really great boss. Haroski chose the day, October 16th, because it was her father’s birthday. She wanted a special day to thank not only her father but also all the bosses in the country who worked hard to make the workplace a good environment. Haroski’s efforts to establish National Boss’s Day were finally rewarded when Illinois Governor Otto Kerner officially proclaimed Boss’s Day in 1962.


Boss’s Day—the Utah Rooter Way

As with other employment forces, Boss’s Day is also observed by Clear Drain, the team of expert drain cleaners and rooters at Utah Rooter. The employee-boss relationship is particularly important at Utah Rooter because of the high degree of on-the-job training our employees receive from their managers and supervisors. Utah Rooter works hard to ensure that employees at all levels of seniority feel respected and valued.

It’s not all serious at Utah Rooter, though. With special insight into the industry, employees are well-suited to launch classic drain cleaning pranks on Boss’s Day—respectfully, of course.

Drain cleaning Pranks

The drain cleaning industry has a bagful of clever pranks. You have our permission to try these at home—or on the job.

  • The Broken Toilet – This is a simple but entertaining prank, especially if done first thing in the morning. Add some yellow food dye to the toilet bowl to make people think that their toilet is not flushing away soiled water.
  • The Faucet Spray – This prank is very simple, requiring only a piece of clear tape placed over the bathroom faucet. When someone wants to wash their hands after using the toilet, the water will spray out rather than flowing nicely in a uniform stream.
  • The Splashing Toilet – cover the toilet bowl with a sheet of clear plastic wrap. Secure carefully. The next person to use the toilet will get quite a surprise

Employees, along with the kudos and the gifts, give your boss something to laugh about for Boss’s Day—that is, unless your boss pranks you first.