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The warmer months are about to come and that means DST or Daylight Savings Time is right around the corner too. One clear thing about it is that you need to prepare to lose one hour of your life. Clear Drain will be out there to help you out on your drain cleaning and rootering problems with special discounts. is offering customers a 10 percent discount on any new, first time service.

Clear Drain drain cleaning and rootering services (DST)


Search for a company that has been relied upon by a long list of customers and who provide the best drain cleaning and rootering services in the state of Utah. Whether for business or private solutions, a dependable Wasatch area drain cleaning and rootering company is what you will need. Look for a company that can offer you the highest standards with reasonable to low prices. Additionally, if a company serves a wide are with consistent high quality results, you might be interested in looking into them.

Another thing that you must have to look for in a drain cleaning company is that their prices must equate to the services they offer. If a company is highly dependable, then their prices are justifiable. But if the company cannot provide you the services you need, then obviously they are not worth a dime to spend on. Clear Drain is a company that can handle various drain cleaning and rootering solutions like kitchen, sink, shower, bathtubs, toilets, kitchen drains, floor drains and sewer drain cleaning problems. We provide services to different types of residential homes like, condominiums, apartment complexes, low rise residential edifices and mixed-use communities.

Good service, excellent results and professionalism are what give a great company a distinct advantage. Our professional drain cleaners and rooters are very well versed in what they are supposed to. Plus we do the job in a friendly and welcoming way. For more complicated services like sewer drain cleaning services, we have a roster of professional, well trained staff to tackle these difficult jobs.

Be Prepared

Don’t sleep on this offer. With daylight savings about to come, it is best that you come in well prepared to handle all the problems that a change in climate might bring.

It is best that you look for a company that has been in the drain cleaning and rootering service that is known for their good service and professionalism. A company that provides immediate action and solution to your drain cleaning woes, whether it is for private or for business, will certainly be a welcome help for anyone.

Sewer drain cleaning services is needed since this is where snow melts off to. So if it is clogged, there might be a lot of problems for you and your area. Hydro jetting or cable drain cleaning treatments are the best ways to treat clogs and backed-up drains. With these in hand, it will be a lot easier for drain cleaning companies like Clear Drain to perform their jobs. Special cameras can be used to help drain cleaners and rooters diagnose the stubborn blocks causing the clogs. Aside from this, the cameras also allow them to take a peek and get an idea of how far deep is the problem. This gives a drain cleaner and rooter a clearer picture of how big the problem is and how much effort should be put to fix it.