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A clogged sink may require the services of a professional drain cleaner, but before you call in the big guns, consider trying a DIY fix. Kitchen sink clogs are one of the least complicated drain cleaning issues. In most cases, you can fix them on your own.

Tips to unclog sink

(Pixabay / Brett_Hondow)

Here are some DIY solutions to a slow or backed-up drain:

  • Think high school science – Remember that volcano you made in your high school science class? You created a lava flow by combining baking soda and vinegar. You can break up the drain clog in your sink by adding baking soda, followed later by half a cup of white vinegar. Then cover the sink drain with an improvised stopper and wait for the mixture to work its magic.
  • Make it slippery – When grease and hairballs clog your sink, do not reach out right away for chemical drain cleaners that could damage your pipes. Instead, pour some liquid dish soap into the sink followed later by a large pot of boiling water. The combination of soap, hot water, and gravity can cut through the grease and lubricate the piping so the obstruction can wash away.
  • Use the plunger – You can put your muscles to good use with a flange-style plunger. Seal the adjacent sinks before you start using your plunger on the clogged sink. Make sure to have enough standing water to cover the plunger cup.
  • Use the snake – If all previous techniques fail, a drain snake could be your last alternative. A standard snake from your local plumbing store could do the trick.

If you are unable to unclog the drain or if you are uncomfortable using a snake, call in a professional drain cleaner and rooter who will do the job for you. You need not spend a fortune for professional services. If you stay local, you will likely be able to find a cheap drain cleaner who can provide quality work that fits your budget.