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Commercial Repair

Most people have already heard of drain cleaning and what it does to help make lives easier. The idea of drain cleaning—cleaning the drain of and clogs—might sound too easy to hire professional commercial drain cleaners. However, if you have tried doing some drain cleaning on your own, you can attest how frustratingly difficult the task can be.  Now, magnify that frustration many times over when dealing with a much larger, more complicated, commercial drain scenario.

Because of the different types and levels of difficulty cleaning commercial drains in Utah, you must have the work with a trusted and reliable commercial drain cleaning company.  Depending on what is causing the clog in your commercial drain system, you may need the services of a Utah drain cleaning company to make sure your commercial drains are working efficiently.

There are a lot of scenarios wherein the need of hiring Utah drain cleaners may be necessary and there are a lot of services that commercial drain cleaning companies can help you with. Not only can a professional drain cleaner and rooter company in Utah, like Clear Drain, remove any clogs in basic drains, but we also specialize in grease traps, septic drain cleaning, sewer maintenance, pipe lining, and other preventive maintenance. Compared to doing all the drain cleaning on your own, hiring a drain cleaning company will ensure you that the job is done quickly, efficiently, and done right the first time.

In order to properly resolve any issues that you may have with your clogged commercial drains, sewers, septic tanks, toilets, and pipes, professional drain cleaning and rootering companies in Utah like Clear Drain use the right drain cleaning equipment and tools. With our expert Salt Lake City commercial drain cleaning staff, we are ready to serve you using up-to-date technology. We can deploy our technicians to troubleshoot the biggest of commercial drain cleaning problems. Our tools are effective in clearing out clogs and handling the largest rootering problems. We can even deploy hydro jetting for really pesky commercial drain cleaning and rootering scenarios. Hydro jetting technology uses high pressured water to clear your drain pipes. This is a reliable drain cleaning tool that not only cleans the pipes of tough clogs but it also goes through all the bends in your pipes to make sure that water can go through them deep down in your sewer system.

Those who are really known for their best drain cleaning services will always stand out. Because of the effectiveness of our sewer inspection and drain cleaning services, it is no wonder why large Utah companies, local authorities, and residential communities rely on Clear Drain. Call us at 801-712-1940 today for a free commercial drain cleaner and rooter Utah quote.

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Drain Cleaning

We proudly offer the following effective, yet affordable drain cleaning services.

  • Clogged Bathtub
  • Clogged Sink
  • Backedup Toilet
  • Backedup Sink
  • Backedup Shower
  • Backedup Tub
  • Backedup Bath Tub
  • Broken Garbage Disposal