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The bathroom toilet has evolved through the years. Ancient people would scarcely recognize the modern-day toilet if they were given the opportunity to see one. It is a far cry from the rudimentary holes in the ground that were used in antiquity.

Types of Toilets

(Pixabay / cocoparisienne)

Here are a few of the most popular toilet iterations used today:

  • Two-piece toilets – These are the most common types of toilets in the country. They are composed of a tank and bowl that are manufactured separately, then attached before being installed in homes or commercial spaces. The two-piece toilet is designed for adults because the seat is higher than that of a one-piece toilet.
  • One-piece toilet – The one-piece toilet is similar to the two-piece variety except that the water tank, flushing system, and bowl are incorporated into a single piece of hardware. A one-piece toilet is easier to clean but is more expensive and durable than the two-piece version.
  • Wall-hung toilet – This toilet is made of a single piece with the water tank hidden or mounted inside the wall. Only the bowl and the flush plate can be seen on the outside of the wall. Because the tank is ensconced in the wall, the wall-hung toilet doesn’t take up much space, making it ideal for small bathrooms.
  • Smart toilet – Everything is smart these days—our phones, our cars, and now, our toilets are smart too. The smart toilet is highly comfortable and functional. They offer heated seats, automatic flushes, and a host of other amenities to include:
    • Motion-activated lighting
    • A heated and/or deodorizing seat
    • Dual-flush system
    • Bidets
    • Self-cleaning wands
    • Warm-air dryer
    • Hands-free flushing

Each type of toilet has its pros and cons. If you are planning to renovate your bathroom and want to install a new toilet, consider your available space and budget before deciding on the best toilet for your wants and needs.