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The bathroom is one of the busiest and most important parts of your house, but sadly, bathroom drain cleaning problems are inevitable. The important thing to remember is to fix your bathroom issues quickly because they have the potential to morph into bigger problems.

Bathroom drain cleaning Problems

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Here are some of the drain cleaning issues that will require immediate attention:

  • Absence of hot water – It will be very difficult to live without hot water, especially during the cold months of winter. While you can survive washing the dishes or running a few loads of laundry without hot water, bathing or showering will be a different story. If you lose hot water, call your Utah bathroom drain cleaning professionals immediately.
  • Dripping bathroom faucets – If your faucet is leaking, its fittings will likely need some attention from your local plumber.
  • Leaking pipes – Water from leaky pipes could seep into your walls and floors, resulting in extensive damage to your home. The water leak will also invite mold growth, and the presence of molds in your home could endanger your family’s health.
  • A leaking toilet – If you notice wet spots along your toilet’s base, it is likely leaking. Leaks could indicate a deteriorating gasket. Ignoring this problem could result in rotting floorboards and other structural damage to your home.
  • A clogged or running toilet – If your toilet does not flush properly or water in the toilet bowl is draining slowly, your toilet could be clogged. You can try using a plunger to get the obstruction out, but you may need to call in a drain cleaner and rooter if it doesn’t work. A running toilet is caused by a water tank mechanism that does not shut off when the water reaches the desired level. You can fix the problem if you are familiar with the mechanics of the toilet water tank. Don’t allow the water to continue running because you will be wasting a lot of water.

Give drain cleaning problems top priority. Make sure to fix them right away to head off bigger headaches down the line.