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July is National Parks Month, and, wow! If you talk about the National Parks of the state of Utah, you will end up describing a vast diversification of scenic beauty. Many of Utah’s National Parks have standard mountains and trees, but there are some that offer red rocks views and others offer adventure activities for family and friends, too. Many of our National Parks have truly unbelievable scenery.

Enjoying Utah’s National Parks


Utah is home to five mammoth National Parks that are all located in the southern part of the state. What’s great about these parks is that they have their own identities and uniqueness that allow them to be experienced differently without having to say “I’ve seen this in the other parks as well, so I’ve seen them all.” The views alone that these parks offer vary dramatically from what the other parks offer. Utah’s National Parks also offer unbelievable geological features that tourists, both local and foreign, are always drawn to year in and year out.

Tourists that go through the Utah’s Mighty 5 National Parks number to the millions from all over the planet. Tourists can witness the fantastic sunrise in Canyonlands National Park. They can transfer later in the afternoon to Arches National Park to see the sunset. Petroglyphs are one of the main attractions in Capitol Reef National Park. Thin spires of rock jut out from canyon bases at Bryce National Park. And rivers and hiking trails offer scenic beauty at Zion National Park.

With so much beauty surrounding us, it’s no wonder that all of the drain cleaners and rooters in Utah love to call this state home. There are a lot of ways in which travelers can visit and enjoy these dramatic features, sights, and activities of Utah’s five National Parks. Here are a few websites to get you off on the right foot.