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In recognition of Eye Safety Month, it’s worth noting that an estimated 2.5 people suffer from eye injuries each year, most of them requiring a trip to the emergency room. Out of this number, about 1 million lose some degree of vision. A large number of eye injuries happen at the workplace. Workplace eye injuries are usually caused by small particles striking or lodging in the eyes. Particles such as dust, wood or cement chips, and metal slivers may be blown by the wind or ejected by machinery or tools, hitting unprotected eyes. Sharp particles that lodge in the eyes may pierce the eye structure, resulting in partial or total loss of vision.


Workers may also bump into or be hit in the eyes by large and hard objects that may also cause serious injury. Other causes of eye injury include thermal and chemical burns, radiation, exposure to hazardous chemicals and biological hazard.

Eye Safety at Clear Drain

At Clear Drain, safety is the number one priority. Out of concern for employees and customers, Clear Drain makes it a strict requirement that all of their workers strictly observe safety rules and take all the necessary precautions in order to maintain a safe workplace.

Aware that most eye injuries in the workplace occur when workers do not feel the need to wear protective gear or stay in safe areas, Clear Drain makes it a commitment to observe the following eye safety and injury prevention measures:

  • Hazard-free work environment – The workplace will be a lot safer if hazards can be eliminated. Workers are only authorized to use tools after thorough training. Tools must be in good working condition. Workers are asked to stay out of areas where they are not currently contributing.
  • Use of proper face and eye protection – Employees must wear the appropriate face and eye protective devices.
  • Well-maintained machinery and tools – Machinery and tools that are in good working condition are less likely to cause injuries to the workers.

Clear Drain subscribes to the safety codes prescribed by the government and believes that their concern and caution show in their employees’ morale and their customers’ satisfaction.