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Fall implies vibrant orange, red, and yellow foliage, bunches of pumpkins, and refreshingly cool temps. Be that as it may, it additionally means winter isn’t far away. With summer a fading memory, now is the time to prepare your home for fall and winter’s cooler temps and unusual climate conditions. Here are a couple of tips to prepare your home for winter and to safeguard your plumbing from cool temperatures.

Fall Home Maintenance

Clear out the rain gutters.

Expel leaves and debris from your rain gutters and drainpipes to prevent clogs. Clogged rain gutters can cause water to back up and enter your home through the walls and attic.

Cover up the swamp cooler.

If you use a swamp cooler for your cooling system, turn off the water to minimized frozen pipes bursting above your home. Also, cover your swamp cooler itself to reduce draft and escaped air during winter.

Check windows, doors, and HVAC ducting.

Cranking up your heater 24/7 to heat your home does no good if the air is just escaping. Check doors and windows for damaged seals. Replace as needed. Also, check your furnace’s ductwork to ensure that valuable heated air won’t escape into the walls and attic.