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Few things are as irritating as a noisy faucet. You may even find yourself hesitating to wash your hands for fear of the grating sound. When it gets to this point, it is high time to roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty, and fix the problem. Noisy faucets can be remedied quite easily.

Fix Noisy Faucet

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Here are some ideas for eliminating irritating whistles and screeches when you run your faucet:

  • Check the faucet’s aerator – The irritating noise that you hear every time you turn on your faucet could be caused by a clogged aerator. The aerator is the screen that is screwed on the tip of the faucet. This is the most common cause of faucet noise. You can check to see if it is the source of the problem by unscrewing the aerator. After removing it, turn on the water and listen for the noise. If the noise is gone, buy a new aerator.
  • Lower the water pressure – High water pressure could cause faucet noise. If there is no problem with your aerator, try reducing the pressure of the water that flows into the faucet.
  • Install new washers – Worn out washers will create noise when the faucet is turned on. Turn off the water supply to the faucet and take it apart. After removing the faucet handle, replace the old washer with a new one.
  • Update your plumbing system – Faucet noise could come from water pipes that are too small or pipes that have been clogged by debris, making it difficult for water to pass through. If this is at the root of your faucet noise, you probably want to call in the professionals for help.

Some plumbing problems involve simple DIY fixes. If you sense that an issue exceeds your skill set, however, hire qualified help. If you live in Sandy, seek out a well-reviewed plumber in Sandy or surrounding cities. You can call several professional Sandy plumbers for repair estimates. Then compare reviews and costs to select the best fit.