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If you plan to travel this holiday season, ensure that your home is safe and secure to prevent theft or damage to your property. Before heading out the door, you should also check your plumbing to ensure that it will run well in your absence. The last thing you need to come home to is a flooded house.

Plumbing Tips Before Leaving Town for the Holidays

(Pixabay / AurelienDP)

The following are the things you should do before locking up your home for vacation:

  • Turn off the water – The water mains should be closed down before you head out. The shut off valve for the water mains is often located next to the water meter near the front of your house.
  • Shut down appliance valves – Many household appliances, including dishwashers and washing machines, stay connected to their water line with open valves. Shut down the appliance valves before leaving the house.
  • Monitor your sump pump – Ensure that your sump pump is working before leaving for vacation. Put water in the pump, and see if the pump pushes it out. Otherwise, flooding could result—especially if there is rain while you are gone.
  • Check your pool pump – Inspect your pool pump to make sure that it is operational. Nobody wants to return to a green pool. Ensure that your salt chlorinator is properly installed.
  • Inspect your plumbing – Give your Utah plumbing professional a call if you have any concerns before leaving town. There could be leaks or weak spots in your plumbing system because of wear and tear. Make sure that all issues are addressed before you head out.

If you come across any plumbing challenges that you cannot fix yourself, call a plumber in Salt Lake City for help addressing problems before they get worse.