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You can splurge on an expensive dinner out for Valentine’s Day, but it’s cheaper and often more enjoyable to avoid crowds and celebrate in the intimacy of your own home. You can add embellishments to your house to make it more romantic. The kitchen and dining room are great spaces to decorate for the holiday, but don’t forget the bathroom.

Bathroom Valentines Day

(Pixabay / Nietjuh)

To make your bathroom look and feel more romantic, start by cleaning it. Neither shower scum nor a ring around the toilet will create an inviting atmosphere. Ten minutes before your significant other is due to arrive at home, fill the tub with hot water and bubble bath. Place candles around the bathtub. Be generous; the more the better. Drop rose petals in a trail leading to the bathtub and scatter them around the perimeter of the tub. Play romantic music softly in the background. Set two goblets on the bathroom counter or ledge of the tub. Fill them with champagne or a non-alcoholic alternative if you don’t drink.

Replace your everyday bath towels with red towels. You can also cut out hearts and cover the walls and mirror with them. Don’t worry if they’re perfectly cut or placed. Just the idea that you’ve tried to make things special will impress your loved one.

Have a candlelight dinner ready to go in the kitchen or bedroom. With a little creativity and effort, you can transform your home into the perfect setting for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day celebration.