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The history of April fool’s Day is vague. Correspondences dating back to the 1700s have references of April Fools, but some people claim references seen dated back in the 1500s. Although it is a mystery on how the day of pranksters came about, there is no denying the fun of this day. And being that we are Utah drain cleaners and rooters professional, we can’t help but tie in April Fool’s Day to drain cleaning. Here are a few of our favorite customer-submitted April Fool’s Day bathroom pranks.

Bathroom pranks

Bathroom Pranks

1. Cover the toilet lid with clear Saran wrap. Spread the cling wrap around the toilet bowl under the toilet seat and close the toilet lid on top of it so that the edges of the wrap are unseen. Once your victim uses the toilet in the wee hours of the morning, they will never know what mess hit them. The drawback, however, is that you should be ready to clean after the mess in case the person you fooled won’t. Gross!

2. Speaking of handling gross waste, trick your friends by man-handling some poop. Fake-poop that is. Moisten some old toilet paper rolls and roll and squish them. You’ll soon have what looks like real poop. Once you have one hefty and nasty looking poop, lay it on the floor in your home or off to the side of a toilet for what looks like a gross miss. The people in your home will ask whose mess it is and you can volunteer to walk in and pick it up with your bare hands. Disgusting!

3. Tuck some ketchup packets under the toilet seat. When your target takes a seat they’ll be greeted with exploding condiments.

4. Choose a hilarious photo of your target’s favorite Hollywood celebrity and tape it on the under-side of their toilet lid. When they open their lid they’ll be greeted with a random surprise guest appearance.

5. Slightly unroll a bit of toilet paper in the bathroom. Just enough to draw a spider on some sheets of toilet paper. Then, roll it back. When your target is doing their business they’ll freak at what they think is a spider.

6. Speaking of spiders, you can also place a fake spider in the water of your target’s toilet. Then shut the lid. When they open it up to go potty they’ll jump at the sight of their un-welcoming guest pest.