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When the New Year comes, resolutions and promises abound. From save money or spending more time with families to observing proper diet and exercise, this brand New Year is going to be different. This year brims with new possibilities and ideas in organizing and improving your life and home. That’s right, your home.

Home Improvement for New Year

Why not make resolutions to improve your comfort at home, too? What are the goals you set for your home? Identify the most important things that you should prioritize in terms of renovating or improving your home.

Energy Saving Tip

Let’s start by trimming the wasted energy usage in your home. According to a study made by Energy Star, many homeowners can increase the efficiency of their heating and cooling systems by 20% and can save as much as $200 every year.

Look for leaks in HVAC ductwork. What’s the point in running your furnace to heat your home if half of the air is escaping in between your walls? Homeowners should seal and insulate their ductwork to enhance the effectiveness of their heating system in the winter and cooling in the summer. The more efficient your cooling and heating system, the greater is the possibility of making your home comfortable during winter and summer.

Purify your Indoor Air

Winter also means that your doors and the windows will be shut much more regularly than compared to summer days. Shut doors and windows means more indoor pollutants are trapped and recirculated. Eliminate respiratory irritants such as mold spores, dust, pollen, and viruses by regularly replacing HVAC air filters.

Budget for Home Improvement

Every year, homeowners are geared towards the improvement and maintenance of their homes. Yet, few save money to support their desires of home improvement. By planning a resolution to budget for upcoming improvements you’ll save yourself from being short on cash and no longer will you delay desired home improvements.


No matter how you maintain your home or what improvements you make, they’ll all be in vain if you don’t keep an organized home. That clutter you keep in your drawers, cabinets and closets has to go.