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House Maintenance

Homeowners who want to keep their house in its best condition must consider regular house maintenance. As the years’ pass, your house can lose some of its beauty and some of its parts might also cease to be as clean, functional, or stable as it was during your home’s glory days. Because the quality of the house and the materials that were used to build it deteriorates in time, doing some regular repairs and fixes can maintain the good conditions of your house. And, because building a new home can be very expensive these days, maintaining the good condition of your house with small repairs can help you save thousands over the years by preventing larger, more costly issues.


House Maintenance Specialist


Many people who want to stay on top of house maintenance often hire a home inspector to review the condition of their home every few years. A home inspector will assess the house and check on parts of the house that are in need of repairs, repainting, or upgrading.

Water Heaters
Some of the things that a home inspector might be able to recommend maintenance on are water heaters and sprinkler system at your house. The purpose of a home inspection is to determine which parts and items in the house may need repair or replacements. Your Utah water heater needs to be functioning properly to save electricity, and water consumption. A faulty water heater in Utah will not only use its usefulness for keeping your water warm but it may also consume unnecessary electricity and increase your utility costs.

A Utah sprinkler system at your home also needs to be looked at every few years. You can easily check your own sprinkler system’s efficiency by turning them on and walking through your yard to make sure that the stream of water from each sprinkler is watering in appropriate areas. Make sure that your sprinklers are not broken, or simply out of alignment. A sprinkler that is out of alignment may waste gallons of water during each cycle by unnecessarily spraying water onto the road, the neighbors’ driveway, etc. Make sure that each sprinkler head is watering directly on your lawn. If your sprinklers are faulty or out of alignment, a $5 one-time part may be costing you $20 a month in waster water from over spraying or leaking gallons of water unnecessarily.

Light Remodeling
In some cases, maintaining the quality and good conditions of your house might also mean doing some light remodeling. Light remodeling within a house may include replacing or upgrading or appliances to ensure maximum efficiency within your home. There are situations wherein having new showers can save you money since it ensures that you will not be wasting water with old, leaking pipes, or from clogged inefficient shower heads and drain cleaning. The same thing can also be said of old tubs; if the damage of the old tub is no longer worth fixing, installing a new one is always the best option.

Even with situations where you have to fix your kitchen or replace large appliances, this is still considered light remodeling. A light remodels of your Utah house has its benefits and is worth considering, especially if you want to do small improvements now to maintain your home’s good condition long-term.

Since building a new home can be expensive and is often impractical, it is often easier and more cost-effective to simply repair or upgrade things that need fixing. It is recommended that you have a maintenance plan for your house. When you’re ready for cost-effective sprinkler repair, water heater repair or water heater replacement, light remodeling, or house maintenance, call Clear Drain today for a free quote.

house maintenance

Drain Cleaning

We proudly offer the following effective, yet affordable drain cleaning services.

  • Clogged Bathtub
  • Clogged Sink
  • Backedup Toilet
  • Backedup Sink
  • Backedup Shower
  • Backedup Tub
  • Backedup Bath Tub
  • Broken Garbage Disposal