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Hydrojetting is one of the best solutions for the problem of recurring clogged drains. Clogged drains should be attended to immediately because they can cause a whole slew of more serious issues, such as contaminating your water supply, if left alone.

Hydrojetting Helps Pipes

(Pixabay / Biswa1992)

If you’re a homeowner with a little bit of time and know-how, you can probably fix small-scale clogs yourself; however, if the problem looks more serious, you should call in a professional drain cleaner and rooter to address it. Thankfully, most clogged pipes are easily corrected by an experienced drain cleaner.

Hydrojetting is the most common method drain cleaners and rooters uses to unclog problematic blockages. This process uses a high-pressure water flow to scour the interior surfaces of the pipes in order to remove grease, buildup, and other debris that has collected inside the pipe’s wall over the years. It is similar to rodding except that it uses high pressured water instead of a tool to clean out the buildup. Hydrojetting also provides a more comprehensive cleanup of the clogged pipes than rodding because it scrubs every surface of the pipe.

To unclog a drain using hydrojetting, the drain cleaner will connect a hose to the cleanout, which is the drain cleaning area that allows access to the pipes. The hose is then hooked up to a water tank that pressurizes the water before it is blasted out of the machine. This hose has to be premium quality in order to withstand the pressure of the water that will be pushed into the pipes.

A trained drain cleaner and rooter has the expertise and knowledge about the correct water pressure that will be delivered into the clog. The drain cleaner must also take into consideration the condition of the pipe because putting too much pressure on the pipes could result in their bursting.

Once the water is forced up through the pipes, the rest of the unclogging action is left to the laws of gravity. Dirty water and loose debris particles travel downstream from a higher elevation to a lower one. The water from the hydrojet will break up the debris, and gravity will help pull the particles downward to unclog the pipes.

Make sure to do your homework when selecting the correct drain cleaner and rooter to help you with more advanced clogs. They will know how to assess the condition of your pipes prior to proceeding with hydrojetting. With their experienced eye, they can check for damage to your pipes caused by tree roots or mineral deposits. For the safety of your pipes, your house, and your pocketbook, be sure to call a licensed drain cleaner and rooter if your clogs are serious and persistent.