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Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in the U.S. every fourth Thursday of November. This holiday originated with the old harvest festivals that celebrated agricultural abundance. In modern times, it gives family and friends an excuse to gather, enjoy delicious food and express thanks for the bounty of blessings in their lives.

drain cleaning System on Thanksgiving

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There is a lot of cooking involved in the preparation of the Thanksgiving feast followed by heavy cleanup after the festivities. All of this activity can add stress to the home’s drain and pipe system.

Here are some thoughts for keeping your drain cleaning intact through the holidays:

  • Don’t overload the garbage disposal – Your garbage disposal is only meant to handle certain types of foods and liquids. Never throw potatoes, celery, lettuce, grease, fat, bones, eggshells, rice, coffee grounds, or pasta down your disposal. These items can gum up the works and should be placed in the trashcan instead. Always run cold water before turning the garbage disposal on. Do not attempt to fix a broken disposal if you do not have experience in this area. Call your certified Utah drain cleaning and rootering company for assistance.
  • Ration shower water – When you have a number of guests in your home, schedule showers at least 15 minutes apart. This will allow sufficient time for the water heater to recharge in between. The break will also give the drains the chance to empty out before filling with water again.
  • Don’t flush trash down the toilet – Your toilet is designed to flush human waste and toilet paper only. Garbage has no place in your toilet. If you are expecting guests on Thanksgiving, it might be a good idea to post a sign in your bathroom that they should not flush feminine products, cleaning wipes, facial cleansing scrubs, paper towels or related items down the toilet.
  • Schedule an inspection – Have the pros take a look at your drainage system to make sure that everything is in good working order before Thanksgiving Day. They can check for leaks, clogs and slow drains.

We often take modern day drain cleaning and rootering for granted, but it is indeed something to be thankful for. Go easy on your drainage system for an enjoyable and stress-free Thanksgiving Day celebration.