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When you experience clogged pipes or slow drains, you could be headed for some serious and expensive problems if you do not address concerns immediately. Some people delay taking any action in the hopes that the problem will go away. Clogged drains don’t magically clear up, however. Delays will only worsen the problem.

Keep Your Drains Clog-Free

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Pipes and drains clog up for a number of reasons. Hair is a big problem in the bathroom. Grease is an issue in the kitchen. Oil products won’t easily wash away. Rather, it builds up on the walls of the pipes. When the grease accumulates in the pipes, you will experience a slow drain.

To avoid bigger and more expensive problems, you should call somebody who can properly clean your clogged drains. Most drain cleaning companies have drain cleaning and rootering specialists who can quickly accommodate your needs.

Once the drain cleaning and rootering company has unclogged your drains and pipes, you can avoid future problems by keeping the drains clear. Here are some simple steps for maintaining clean drains:

    • Use your garbage disposal properly. Flush your kitchen drains with cold water before and after using your disposal. Cold water prevents food particles and other food debris from attaching to the walls of your pipes. Use your garbage disposal according to the manufacturer’s suggestions. Don’t put anything in the disposal that could harm the blades. Throw it in the trash instead. This will prolong the life of your garbage disposal system.
    • Do not pour grease into the drain. Empty it into a can can or plastic container with a lid. You can put it in the trash once the grease inside hardens. Pouring oil into your drain or garbage disposal is an invitation for clogged drains and pipes.
    • Avoid flushing taboo materials. Only human waste and toilet paper should be flushed down the toilet. All other items, such as feminine products or paper towels, should go into the trash bin. Ask your local drain cleaner and rooter for a list of items that you can and cannot flush down the toilet.
    • Invest in sink strainers. Put strainers on all sinks in the house. The strainers will keep unwanted items out of the drain.

Being proactive in maintaining your drains and pipes will save you money and headaches down the line.