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The 13th day of August is left-handers day. The occasion is meant to celebrate all of the left-handers out there as well as to raise awareness about the surprising issues that make the simple things a bit trickier for left-handers.

How Left-handers Handle Tools of the Trade

One of the things that left-handers face in the world of plumbing is the use of tools. The most important tools for plumbers is their hands. For left-handers, their left hand is their strong hand, and they need it to take the lead while the right-hand adopts a supporting role. In recognition of left-handers day, here are some tools which help increase productivity:

1. Adjustable wrench. These are tools that can make life easier for a left-hander. The beautiful thing about this type of wrench is that the gap is adjustable to fit the object that is meant to tighten or loosen. This wrench is best for taking out angle stops or shower heads and things that have been left untouched for years and are difficult to loosen.

2. Tongue and groove pliers. These pliers are made to execute accurate tightening and loosening jobs. They can loosen pipes and in a fast manner. If a left-hander is going to use it, it needs the support of another pair held by the right hand.

3. A sink wrench. Also known as a basin wrench, this tool is a must have for those tight spots where you have to reach up under a sink.

4. A compression sleeve puller. It is something that you will need if you have CPVC or PEX pipes in your bathrooms from which water passes through to the outlets.

5. Pipe wrench. Although other tools have more effective results in plumbing than a pipe wrench, it is a must have for odds and ends jobs.

With all of these tools at your disposal, gone are the days of complicated plumbing jobs as a left-hander. Cheers to you on this day of yours.