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Thanksgiving weekend entails loads of fun, reunions, sleepovers and of course, food. But it seems that drain cleaning issues arise more than ever during the holidays. Why?

No drain cleaning issues on Thanksgiving

Since more family members are gathered, the possibility of having drain cleaning issues increases. Bathroom and the kitchen sinks are used more, dishwasher loads become heavier, and bathroom visits become more frequent.

Before Thanksgiving arrives, here are some drain cleaning tips to keep in mind to maximize efficiency and to avoid drain cleaning catastrophes.

1. Kitchen Management

Your kitchen witnesses a lot of action. You prepare and cook our food there. You wash dishes there. You dispose of our garbage there, too. But with many guests, these chores will be doubled. And your chances of having drain cleaning problems will be doubled as well.

A lot of kitchens have a disposal that could grind leftovers into small pieces. However, you can’t just throw in any food there. Remember, it’s a disposal grinder and not a food processor. It’s not advisable to grind any object or food that is hard or stringy like poultry skin, vegetable, or fruit skins. Minimally dump only the smallest food leftovers into garbage disposals and make sure to run plenty of water through it.

Additionally, don’t dump fat, oil, or grease down your drains. These liquids can easily solidify and clog pipes in a way that can only be resolved by a drain cleaning company.

2. Toilet Management

How embarrassing is it to have to fix a toilet when surrounded by guests? Keep a plunger on hand for a quick fix when the toilet gets backed up.

3. Shower Management

Keep your shower water flowing smoothly for your guests with a quick shower head cleaning. Place some vinegar into a container that you can hold up against your shower head. Allow your shower head to soak for about 10 minutes, then scrub. Calcium build up will easily fall off.