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It goes without saying, Christmas is among the greatest times of the year, especially in Utah. As a Utah drain cleaning and rootering company we enjoy seeing the beautiful snow fall in Davis County, and the spectacular Christmas lights throughout Salt Lake City.

Christmas tree

Interestingly enough, the holiday season is also one of our busier times of the year. Why? The more holidays there are, the more social gatherings take place. The more friends and family that get together, the more food gets consumed. The more food that gets consumed means more toilets get flushed and more waste is thrown into the garbage disposal in Utah homes. Many homeowners are not aware that the holidays put our home’s drain cleaning at risk of clogs and other issues.

  • clogged toilets
  • backed up kitchen sinks
  • broken garbage disposals

Keep in mind, never throw grease or deep-fried foods down the garbage disposal. In fact, large foods of any kind should not be thrown down the sink. Garbage disposals are meant for small food particles and not entire leftover food items. Throw food waste into the garbage and use garbage disposals only for what’s left after rinsing off plates.

Keep your drain cleaning happy and your guests happier. Happy holidays, Utah!