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Did you know that flushing medicine down your toilet or washing it down the sink or drain can be harmful to the environment? In recognition of National Poison Prevention Week, let’s explore the do’s and don’ts of getting rid of expired medicine.



Do not flush medications

In recent years, it has been revealed that flushing certain medications that contain antibiotics, hormones, and other substances can lead to contamination of groundwater and other harmful effects. Instead of flushing medication down the toilet, alternatives start by following the labels. Often, medications will state the safest way to dispose of medications right on the labels themselves.

Do not assume medications can be thrown in the trash

There are certain medications that are considered to be hazardous to throw out with the trash. Avoiding throwing medication in the trash can be harmful to the environment or can create a liability if someone goes dumpster diving and reclaims your old medications.


FDA research

Community drug disposal program locations can often be found online or by contacting the FDA.

Talk to a pharmacist

If you are not sure how to properly dispose of medication or cannot find clear instructions on the label, you may ask assistance from the local pharmacist for the best way to dispose of it.

While flushing things down the toilet often seems like an easy solution for disposal, this is not the case with medication. In recognition of National Poison Prevention Week, stay safe, Utah.