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The New Year means a new start. It’s the perfect time to think through shortcomings and missteps of the previous year and resolve to improve in the upcoming one. If you have neglected your home’s drain and pipe system in the past, now’s the time to make amends. Upgrading your pipe system can save you money and allow you to avoid drain cleaning fiascos down the line.

New Year New drain cleaning

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Every drain and pipe system works under the same principle – water in, water out. Whatever water comes into your home must go out through the proper channels. When water exits your home in the wrong way, you will have a serious problem on your hands.

Your home’s drain and pipe system has three components: the water supply system, the drainage system, and the fixture sets for your appliances. Installing a home pipe system is not generally a DIY job. Most communities require that professional do the installing. In addition, there are local codes that need to be followed when installing a pipe system.

If your old drain and pipe system is not working well, you could be flushing money down the toilet. You probably don’t need to get rid of the whole system. Rather, there are some simple drain cleaning upgrades that you can make that will allow you to save money on your water bill and unnecessary repairs.

A new water heater can help you trim back your utility bills. Old water heaters let hot water sit unused in the pipes. Thus, you will need to run your water until it gets hot, resulting in wasted water. Try installing a hot water system with an on-demand circulation pump. With this system, you will not need to run the water for extended periods before it turns hot.

Your shower may also benefit from an upgrade. Traditional showers are high-pressure. Switching to low-flow faucets and showerheads can save water.

Finally, you can upgrade the water pipes in your home. One option is to insulate your pipes. Pipes that are not well-insulated lose heat fast, forcing your water heater to work harder and consume more energy. You could also replace your pipes with copper if you still have the old galvanized pipes from yesteryear.

Start the New Year right by improving your drain and pipe system. Over time, your pocketbook will thank you—and so will the environment.