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New York City Marathon, which is the largest marathon in the world, alongside Boston and Chicago Marathon, is a famous long-distance running event held annually in, you guessed it, New York City. What does the New York City Marathon have to do with a Utah plumbing company? Well, not much. The marathon is soon, and it had us thinking about the plumbing logistics. They’re quite fascinating.

marathon running

With an estimated 50,000 participants running 26 miles through the five boroughs of New York City, there’s bound to be a ridiculous amount of planning put into water hydration stations, bathrooms and outhouses. Also, that large number of participants is nothing compared to the million spectators.

Imagine the planning and preparation involved during this event. How many food stalls and temporary bathrooms and outhouses are installed and positioned to accommodate such need. It’s astonishing that despite that grueling logistics challenges, the New York Marathon appears to be such a seamless event each year. It goest to show what can be done with the right people and the right kind management.

From all of us at Clear Drain and Utah Rooter, cheers to you, New York City Marathon planner.