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Unbeknownst to many pet owners, having pets in the house could affect your plumbing. If you have furry friends around your home, consider these tips for keeping your pets from interfering with your plumbing system:

pets affect plumbing

(Pixabay / KaraSuva)

  • Use drain strainers during bath time – If you bathe your animals in the bathtub, shower, or sink, be sure to use a drain strainer to block animal hair. When pets shed, their hair could accumulate in the drain and cause a slow flow or a drain clog.
  • Don’t flush cat litter – Your cat’s litter packaging might suggest that it is flushable. Despite the claims of some manufacturers, cat litter could clog the toilet. If your plumbing does happen to back up, contact a Utah drain cleaning expert for help.
  • Prevent backyard digging – Dogs love to dig in the dirt. In fact, some dogs routinely dig as deep as18 inches below the surface of the backyard lawn. Keep a close eye on your dogs’ digging rituals to make sure that they are not damaging the water pipes or sewer line.
  • Install faucet and shower head pressure-balancing valves – Your household pet could move the temperature setting in the shower. You might only discover this when you turn on the water and it comes out scalding hot. Install pressure-balancing valves to keep you and your pets safe.
  • Pet-proof your home – Many pets like to climb. In the process, they could damage household items or get trapped under falling objects. Make sure to safeguard your home to minimize accidents.
  • Keep the toilet lid closed – Make it a habit to close the lid after using the toilet. If your pet has an affinity for toilet water, they could ingest chemical residue from cleaners.

Pets and plumbing can co-exist peacefully, but it may take a little extra effort on your part.