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Every homeowner should have some basic plumbing know-how in order to fix issues that crop up frequently around the house. It’s important to call in a professional plumber for certain problems, but others can be addressed without much fuss.

Plumbing Tips

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Here are a few basic things that a homeowner should know in order to troubleshoot plumbing problems:

  • PVC and CPVC pipes are very different things. Not knowing the difference between the two puts you at risk of buying the wrong one. The two cannot fit together interchangeably. They have different measurements and fittings.
  • In practice, plumbers use CPVC for hot water and PVC for cold water.
  • The diameter of the PVC pipe is measured inside the pipe. The diameter of the CPVC is measured outside the pipe. Bring a small sample of the pipe you want to buy to ensure that you purchase the correct size.
  • PVC pipes are available for different uses. They are assigned a schedule number that indicates the thickness of their walls. PVC schedule 40 pipes are intended for pressurized hot water. PVC pipes with DWV markings are for valves, drains, and waterlines.
  • One cutter will usually work for different types of pipes.
  • There is no universal glue that serves all pipe iterations. Different pipes require different types of glue.
  • Apply primer before you use glue on any pipe. There is a specific type of primer for each type of pipe.
  • Add a shut-off valve to the different areas of the house to make maintenance and repair easier. Having a shut-off valve will you allow you to cut water supply to the specific areas where you need to make repairs.
  • Shower drains must be 2 inches in diameter, otherwise they will not pass regulatory inspections.
  • The toilet drain diameter is more flexible. It can vary from 3 to 4 inches.
  • Vent pipes are requirements for all home toilets.
  • Most sinks have P-traps for the removal of clogged debris
  • Low water pressure could be indicative of a leaky faucet, blockage in the pipes, or clogged aerators.
  • A water bill that skyrockets suddenly could indicate a leak.
  • Constantly running toilets are caused by problems with the toilet flapper.

A little know-how can go a long way in helping you deal with basic plumbing problems around the house. If problems do exceed your expertise, call Utah Rooter. We can help with indoor and outdoor residential plumbing as well as commercial plumbing, camera inspection, drain cleaning, hydro jetting, rootering and more.