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The plumbing at home is not exactly fail-safe during winter. In truth, there’s often more plumbing repairs in cold winter months than throughout all of a year’s combined, warmer summer months. For this reason, you should take necessary preparations this winter to protect yourself from plumbing problems.

Winter Plumbing tips

Tip 1 – Check Pipes

During the winter, leaking pipes are problematic. Cold temperatures easily freeze the water running through pipes. When this happens, pipes burst. Before winter gets much colder, check your water pipes for leaks, especially those that more exposed like in your attic or crawlspaces.

Tip 2 – Keep Pipes Warm

Pipes need to stay warm at all times to avoid freezing. To avoid pipes from freezing and bursting, keep them insulated. Use insulation wraps or special heated cables. Again, pay special attention to pipes found in the attic, basement and garage because these are the ones most exposed to cold temperature.

Tip 3 – Do Not Use Outdoor Pipes

Ensure that you winterize your sprinkler system and cover exposed hose bibs. Do not use outdoor pipes and water systems during the winter. Even brief use can cause the line to fill up with water, which will later freeze and likely burst.