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There are a variety of problems that can develop with underground piping. Issues like clogs, leaks, and broken piping can be costly to fix, as they will require digging under your home to make repairs. However, there are many things homeowners can do to maintain piping and stave of potential problems.

Potential Problems With Underground Piping

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Watch for these issues to prevent drain cleaning damages:

Underground leaks — Since these pipes are underground, discovering leaks can be difficult. However, one of your biggest indicators could be a change in your water bill. Another tip is that the excess water may create a wet spot. This can become a problem as the water will erode the soil. The erosion could eventually cause a sinkhole to appear on your property. Make sure you are monitoring your utility bills and checking your property regularly to detect leaks.

Temperature changes — People often worry about their pipes freezing in the wintertime, but that’s not the only weather-related issue you need to be concerned about with piping. Quick-onset temperature shifts of as little as 10-degrees can have an impact on the stability of your pipes and cause damage.

Older pipes — The lifespan for most underground pipes is 15 to 100 years. One way to prepare yourself for potential drain cleaning issues is to know how old your home’s piping is. A lot of homes in the United States have piping that was installed decades ago. If you believe that your piping is problematically old, be sure to reach out to a professional drain cleaner and rooter to have your system inspected.

Tree roots — One of the greatest dangers to underground piping is tree roots. If your home is located near trees, be aware that this could potentially pose an issue. Tree roots often work their way toward pipes because of the rushing water and can crush your pipes. If you’re concerned about tree roots, you can call a professional plumber to find the lines and see if encroaching tree roots are a problem.

Underground piping problems don’t generally happen without warning. Low water pressure or clogged drains can be signs that something is wrong with your water and sewer systems. If you pay attention to the small signs that something might be wrong, you will be able to troubleshoot and ward off potential disasters.