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Did you know that you need to check your sprinkler system every season? Even though your sprinklers worked well last summer, it doesn’t mean that they will work this summer. How come?

Sprinkler System for summer

If sprinklers weren’t winterized, or even if they were, sometimes the cold of winter can cause sprinkler pipes to break. Or, sprinkler heads fall victim to an accidental toppling from a snow shovel or snowblower. Checking your sprinklers before summer season starts will give you ample time to do necessary repairs and maintenance. Needless to say, proper maintenance of your water sprinkler will save you time, money and keep your grass and plants healthy despite the searing summer heat.

From our Utah professional drain cleaners and rooters that understand our local weather and seasons, here are a few tips on how to check, maintain, and prepare your sprinklers for summer.

1. If your sprinkler system was properly winterized, you would first need to turn your sprinkler lines back on.
2. Cycle through each stage of your sprinkler system to check for leads or broken sprinkler heads.
3. Repair or replace any identified sprinkler heads or pipes.
4. Clean out sprinkler heads with weird spray patterns. Ensure that they are not clogged. Dirt and other debris may clog your sprinkler heads that may affect proper spraying.
5. Test your sprinklers spray pattern length and width. Make sure that your sprinklers spray an adequate pattern to properly cover all areas of your grass and plants. Different types of plants need different amounts of water so the sprinkler should be positioned properly and the water pressure adjusted accordingly.

A well-maintained sprinkler system will not only ensure you that your grass and landscaping plants are properly watered during the hot summer, but it will also help you conserve water since the leaks, and other pipe problems were identified and resolved during maintenance.