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A major disaster could occur in your home the moment a crack develops in a water pipe. Just a small crack in a pipe can release up to 250 gallons of water inside your house, causing structural damage and the potential for mold infestation.

Prevent Water Damage From Frozen Pipes

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Frozen water is the main cause of cracked water pipes. Water can freeze in both plastic and copper pipes. Frozen pipes are very common problems, but they can be easily avoided, too.

The following steps will help prevent frozen pipes:

  • Seal gaps – There are often small gaps where cold air can infiltrate a home. If there are pipes located near these openings, the pipes could freeze in the winter months. Be sure to seal any gaps. These gaps are commonly located near dryer vents and around electrical wiring. Caulk or insulate the leaky areas to keep the cold out.
  • Address hoses and faucets – Make sure to disconnect your garden hoses and shut off outdoor water valves before the temperature dips. The pipes will not crack or burst when there is no water inside.
  • Install insulation – If you are living in regions with very harsh winters, you should insulate your pipes in the attic and in crawl spaces. The exposed pipes are more prone to freezing than pipes that are inside the walls.
  • Maintain a steady indoor temperature – Some people have the habit of turning down the heat at night, but this drop could make it easier for pipes to freeze. A flooded house is not a pretty thing to wake up to. Keep your temperature consistent both day and night.
  • Run warm water – When the temperature is extremely low and there is a high risk of pipes freezing, let a little warm water drip from a faucet. This small trickle could keep your pipes from freezing.

If you turn on the faucets and no water comes out, your pipes may be frozen. Leave the faucets open, and call a professional right away. You will find cheap installation services from Utah Rooter. Our company in Salt Lake City is experienced, trained, and ready to help you resolve your drain cleaning and rootering issues quickly and professionally.