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Back-to-school time engenders a broad spectrum of emotions. Kids may grow bored at home and embrace it, or they may dread the structure and workload that come with schooling. Parents may look forward to more free time in their day or miss their kids and lament their quiet home.

Back to School Routine Save Water

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The school year engenders a new routine with structured wake-up times and bedtimes and a raft of extra-curricular activities. As you mold to this new shift in activities and schedules, consider incorporating a few habits that can help conserve Earth’s dwindling resources. The following are some water conservation practices that kids could include in their routines as they head back to school.

  • Take timed showers – Set a limit on how long children can run the shower water. This can help save water and also teach kids to use time wisely. Without the time limit, kids may get distracted or dilly-dally in the shower.
  • Reuse towels – Wash towels sparingly. Since they are used to dry clean bodies that have just emerged from the shower, they don’t need to be thrown into the washer with each use. Hang them to dry and use them again repeatedly.
  • Be discerning when putting clothes in the laundry – At the end of the day, children should be taught to carefully determine whether they should wash their clothes again. If there are no stains or soiled areas, kids can wear them a second time and save laundry loads.
  • Determine the water footprint of products – Children must understand that product creation involves a lot of water, from the planting and growth of trees or plants that are sources of raw materials to the production of goods. Recycling products minimizes water consumption.

Simple things matter a lot. Teach kids about water conservation to help them grow into responsible adults. Teach them to talk to you immediately if they ever see a leak or a malfunction in the water and drainage systems in the house, such as a leaking shower. Address the problem immediately. If you live in the Beehive State, call a Utah plumber professional for your Utah shower repair or other water leak remedies.