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The holiday shopping season starts on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving Day. It is the biggest shopping day of the year as almost all retailers reduce their prices and offer giveaways to attract shoppers. The discounts do not apply only to retail products. They also cover goods and services.


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There are some astounding deals to be had on Black Friday because retailers often use this day to clean out their inventories and make room for holiday goods and next year’s products. Black Friday is a great time to purchase must-have items to keep your house clean and in great shape.

If you could use a few more tools for home maintenance projects, consider taking advantage of Black Friday to buy those tools at discounted prices. Since your house is often your biggest investment, properly maintaining it will increase its value.

Tools for the Home

Having some basic tools will come in handy when you have minor problems around the house. There are many things that you can fix by yourself, but you will need tools to do those repairs. If you don’t yet own the following tools, consider investing in them:

  • Toolbox – You need a place to organize your tools so they will not get lost. Putting your tools together in a toolbox will increase the likelihood that they will be used.
  • Hammer – There are many minor repairs that will require a hammer. Invest in a good, anti-vibration hammer. A hammer with a rip claw can be used for many applications in the house.
  • Screwdriver set – Screwdrivers are used for a variety of things in the house. Get a set with mixed sizes.
  • Tape Measure – A tape measure is important when you are moving things around the house, buying furniture, or redesigning the layout of your house. Get a good-quality tape measure that locks for no-hassle measuring.
  • Adjustable wrench – This is needed when you are installing or tightening bolts and nuts and is especially handy when you are working on fixtures.
  • Pliers – They come in handy when replacing old showerheads, straightening bent power plugs, and taking on projects that require cutting, bending, or gripping.
  • Utility knife – These knives are essential for cutting projects.
  • Power drill – This is another must-have for DIY projects. Consider buying a spare battery so you can work while the alternate battery is recharging.
  • Handsaw – This comes in handy for cutting wood and other materials.

Tools aren’t cheap, but buying at discounted Black Friday prices can save you big bucks down the line. You’ll not only be able to avoid buying full-price tools in the future, you’ll be able to attack home improvement projects instead of just hiring them out.