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Spring time is here. It is time to loosen up those bones from the long winter season. Go out, enjoy the humming sound of birds, the laughter of children playing, the flowers that bloom, the sweet kiss of the sun, and all the beauty that surrounds you. Spend time with your family. Go to the park, have a walk, enjoy spring.

Spring cleaning

After getting in some R & R, what most people tackle next during spring is some springtime cleaning. Start from top to bottom – from roof to attic, to walls, windows and doors then to floors and the basement. To help you maximize your spring cleaning efforts, here is some advice from our professional drain cleaners and rooters in Utah.

Check for Possible Damages

As winter ends, it may leave unwanted damages caused by the strong cold season. Start by checking every part of the house. Check the roof for missing or damaged shingles. Your roof protects your home and damaged shingles can be an easy in for water to wreak havoc inside your home. Additionally, punctured roofs allow access to unwanted varmints inside your home.
Next, look for damaged rain gutters and downspouts. Hindered water flow away from your home can cause flooding during spring-time storms.

Doors and Windows

Windows and doors seals should be checked. Cold temperatures and moisture from winter snow and rain can cause missing or damaged seals. This damage can allow rain water to sneak in and cause damage or can lead to increased utility bills from unwanted energy sneaking in and out of the cracked or missing seals.

After you do all the basics of vacuuming and cleaning hard-to-reach areas, why not reinvent your interior a bit?

Change Fabrics

Winter makes us passive and often leads to linens not being changed timely. Remove those bed sheets and comforters. Changing out linens brings about a new cleanliness and comfort. To get an added spring feel, change to vibrant colors that coincide with spring.

Shake Things Up

To feel more refreshed, rearrange your furniture. Play with new positions of your things. Change the location of your sofa, television set, table and others. Add more ornamentation such as your family pictures or live plants and flowers throughout the home to maximize your home’s comfort.

Now when you are done with all of these, you can enjoy your personal place with a refreshing ambiance.