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The cold of winter can pose problems to your plumbing system. As the warmer weather of spring moves in, it is a perfect time to inspect your plumbing and make any needed repairs.

Spring Plumbing Tips

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Indoor Plumbing

Start by checking your walls for plumbing problems. Look for any water stains, spots, or damage, as those could indicate pipe leaks somewhere in the house. Next, check the cupboards under your sinks in the bathroom and kitchen areas. Look for leaks in the water pipes. If you added pipe insulation for winter, you can remove it.

Move on to your water and ensure that it is not leaking. You might consider draining your water tank heater in order to remove accumulated debris. You can call a professional plumber if you are not confident about doing this job well.

Outdoor Plumbing

Exterior plumbing is more vulnerable to winter damage than indoor plumbing. To check for leaks, you will need to run your outdoor faucets for several minutes. Start by attaching a hose to your faucets so the running water will flow away from the water pipes. After running the water for a period of time, check the walls and the ground around the faucet for any water puddles. These accumulations could indicate leaks in the pipes under the soil that need to be addressed promptly. You can also check your water pressure with a gauge that you screw onto a hose bibb. If your pressure is too low, you may have a leak somewhere.

If your home has a septic tank, check the surrounding area for puddles or wet spots. If you suspect a leak in your tank, call in a professional plumber immediately to inspect and repair it before it gets worse.

It won’t take long to conduct a basic plumbing inspection. Being proactive sure beats the alternative of waiting until the problem worsens as you could potentially end up with house damage and a sizeable repair bill. Contact Utah Rooter if you need help with your plumbing inspection or repair services.