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Summer is the time to begin checking your sprinklers to ensure their best performance during summer. Here are a few steps to oversee good maintenance of your Utah sprinkler system.

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Check for valves that may have accidentally been left open after fall sprinkler maintenance. Many times Utah homeowners will open up sprinkler valves during fall to let out any remaining moisture to minimize freezing or cracking of pipes during cold Utah winters. Make sure that none were accidentally left open prior to turning on the sprinklers for Summer.

When you’re ready to start testing the sprinkler heads, you’ll first need to restore the water flow by opening the sprinkler system’s main water valve. Gradually open the main valve so that water doesn’t excessively bare down on sprinkler heads. This allows them to pressurize without blowing out a sprinkler line.

Now it is time to test the actual sprinkler system. Turn on each sprinkler zone one at a time. Check each sprinkler head on each zone. Look for obviously leaking or broken sprinklers and replace. You will also want to make sure sprinklers are still aligned properly as to wet the areas they are intended to spray. Avoid unnecessarily watering sidewalks and driveways. Re-align sprinkler heads as necessary. If you find any zones with broken sprinklers, you can contact a Utah drain cleaner for sprinkler repair.

If you’re looking to upgrade the efficiency of your Utah sprinkler system you can install a rain sensor. Rain sensors are intended to stop sprinkler systems from unnecessarily watering when rainfall is detected. Rain sensors will automatically disable a sprinkler system to stop it from wasting water when nature is watering the lawn on its own. Once the moisture levels subside, the rain sensor re-engages the sprinklers, continuing the previous watering schedule.

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