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Yay! Tax refund time. What to do with that huge refund check? While many of quickly spend it on the latest shiny iGadget, why not invest your money into something that will pay itself back? Your home is a great example of what you can invest your tax refund in to ensure your money goes to good use. Here are a few home improvement ideas that you’ve most likely had on your radar and that a tax refund finally affords the opportunity for you to tackle.

Kitchen renovation

You don’t have to rebuild your whole kitchen to give it a new look. A simple replacement or upgrade of kitchen appliances, countertops, cabinet handles, or new kitchen sink faucets can make a world of difference on your Utah home’s appeal and comfort.

Bathroom remodel

Tired of re-caulking your shower doors or re-tightening that bolt that always comes loose on the toilet? What about that bathroom sink that won’t stop dripping? A bathroom remodel can solve your woes and add some value to your Utah home, too.

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Organizational shelving

Designing a new storage space in your basement or garage area can keep your home tidy. By decluttering main rooms and moving “stuff” to an organized basement or garage you can often make your home look bigger and feel more comfortable.

New or upgrade sprinkler system

Sick of replacing broken sprinkler heads or pipes? Installing a new, upgraded sprinkler system may be the answer you’re looking for. By having a more efficient sprinkler system, your lawn will be looking greener in no time, and you could even save on your water bill.

With this years tax refund, invest in something that will last a lifetime. Invest in your home.