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Thanksgiving Day is a day we all look forward to. It is when delicious food is served over a grand dinner with our friends and loved ones. Traditional dishes that include turkey and mashed potatoes with all of the fixing’s are plentiful. Don’t forget about sumptuous appetizers, desserts and side dishes.


After a big Thanksgiving meal, we may end up with quite a bit of extra food. Most leftovers might be washed off and sent down the garbage disposal. Surprisingly, this is not the best approach. Garbage disposals are meant to manage small food scraps, not leftovers. Additionally, grease from food can clog our sinks and build up overtime. A sure recipe for clogged pipes. Food waste should be thrown away, and garbage disposals should only be used for small food particles.

With all of the guests that will be visiting, be sure to keep a plunger on hand. As much “TMI” (too much information) as that might be, there’s going to be a lot of #2’s going on with all of that Thanksgiving food being passed around. There are few things more embarrassing than a backed up toilet with a line of people waiting to use it.

Happy Thanksgiving, Utah.