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Hard working people are most likely to succeed. They willingly spend more time and exert more effort in their tasks to get closer to their goals of success. They take the initiatives to learn new things, humility to ask for help, and listen to colleagues. However, goal-driven people also tend to be workaholics, and this can take a toll on balancing personal life and work.

Balancing Life and Work

In appreciation for July welcoming Workaholic Day, Utah Rooter recognizes the hard-work of its employees and strives to support a positive work-life balance. And for the celebration of Workaholics Day, here is a list of tips on how to attain a healthy life-work balance in your profession.

1. Learn how to manage your time. For a workaholic, work is the priority. But if you want to achieve a work-life balance, then you should properly include time for a personal life into your schedule, too. There is a time for work and a time for family. It is important to learn how to discipline yourself to finish work during specified hours and the rest should be spent with your family or enjoying personal obligations and indulgences.

2. Don’t bring work home. Try and avoid making your home an extension of your office. Instead of spending a quiet evening with a glass of wine under the starry night skies, you are typing away on your computer to finish more work. Instead, learn how to make your home a home.

3. Set boundaries. Your work space versus your personal space should be clear to you. To support #2, if you must work at home you should have a defined space that is for work only. That will help you separate from work-mode and home-mode when you’re outside of your at-home office.

Building a healthy work-life balance will help you create a healthier family, better personal experiences, and an overall happier life.