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If you have a water storage tank at home, you will soon learn that it requires a lot of maintenance to keep your water as clean and safe as possible. Water tanks that are exposed to the sunlight will eventually host bacteria and algae that cause odor and a bitter taste and can be risky to the health.

Cleaning Water Tank Tips

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You need to do an initial cleaning of the water tank after it is installed. Do not store water until you make sure that the tank is thoroughly sanitized.

A water tank needs to be cleaned regularly. The frequency of cleaning will depend on the location of the tank. If the water tank is underground or is not affected by direct or indirect sunlight, it needs to be cleaned at least once a year. Even when there is no sunlight, brown algae and sediment can build up in the water tank. If the water tank is getting indirect sunlight, it should be cleaned every three to six months to prevent algae growth.

The following are steps for keeping your water storage tank clean and safe:

  • Drain the water tank – You can empty the tank by running the system until no more water is left. You can also use a submersible sump pump to empty it. You don’t have to drain the tank completely, but you need to drain as much water as you can to gain access to the sides and bottom of the tank while you clean.
  • Disinfect – Prepare a disinfectant mixture in a bucket using one part bleach for every four parts of hot water. The mixture will kill algae and bacteria as well as organic matter that could serve as food for the bacteria.
  • Scrub the sides and bottom – Dip your mop into the bucket of solution and begin scrubbing the sides and bottom of the tank. You can do a light scrub if you use a pressure washer to clean all of the nooks of the tank’s interior. Make sure to wear eye protection and a mask because the bleach fumes can be harmful to the lungs and eyes.
  • Drain the dirty water – After you scrub and spray the interior of the tank, drain it again using a sump pump or a shop vacuum to clear out the dirty water.

Your water tank is now clean and ready to fill with water once again. Check the water tank and pipes periodically. If you detect leaks, reach out to a Utah drain cleaning company for help. If you shop around and check the reviews, you can get high-quality and cheap drain cleaning and rootering services to help restore your drain and pipe system to full capacity.