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Our homes bear the brunt of different weather conditions, making repair and maintenance work necessary to keep them running smoothly for the next change of season. The closing days of summer and early days of fall are best spent going through whatever damages the hot weather may have inflicted upon different parts of the house. Waiting for the onset of late fall or early winter might be too late to do the necessary repair and maintenance work.


The following maintenance and repair work can save a homeowner a good amount of money if done before the start of the colder weather:

  • Check roof, gutters, and downspouts – Often times neglected because of difficulty of access, the roof area of the house may be sidelined until it starts leaking or until accumulated debris clogs the gutters and downspouts, channeling moisture in through the roof. The homeowner should check for damages or loose roof materials before the rain and snow start falling.
  • Check the grounds around the house – Cracked walkways and the presence of loose paving materials are accidents waiting to happen, especially when the ground becomes covered with snow. Fix them while the sun still shines.
  • Check faucets throughout the entire house – Fix or replace any leaky faucets before the onset of the colder weather.
  • Drain the water heater – Sediments build up in the water heater tank, making it work harder to heat the water. Drain the water heater tank to get rid of the sediments for added efficiency during the cold weather.
  • Check doors and windows for gaps – Gaps on doors or windows will result in heat loss when the heater is on or, conversely, in the loss of cold air when the air-conditioning is working. Seal the door and window gaps by using caulking material.
  • Take care of your garden and lawn – Check the watering system before the onset of the cold weather. There could be leaks or broken sprinkler heads that need to be fixed or replaced. Garden tools must be cleaned or serviced before they are put away at the end of summer.
  • Clean and store summer furniture and utensils – After Labor Day, summer furniture should be cleaned and properly stored to prevent damage from snow or rain. The barbecue grill needs thorough cleaning if you plan to cover it and put it into storage.

Dedicate a Saturday and make yourself a winterizing checklist. A day devoted to inspection and repair can help protect your house and your pocketbook before the temperature starts to dip.