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The roots of trees will grow where water is abundant. Hence, it makes sense that they will grow towards sewer pipes and other plumbing. And when tree roots find a leak in the sewer pipes, it can penetrate and grow into the pipes and prevent the flow of water and waste. Needless to say, it can cause quite a mess.

Tree roots

Blocked sewer pipes can cause other plumbing pipes to back up or burst, home flooding, and more. To prevent a headache and costly repairs, Utah Rooter offers these tips on minimizing tree roots causing problems to your home.

1. Choose trees and shrubs methodically. Some tree or shrub varieties can grow extensive root systems, thus potentially damaging not only sewage pipes but the foundation of your home, too. Buy and plant trees with shallow root systems, or plant them far from your home.

2. Know where your sewer lines are. By knowing where your sewer lines are you can avoid planting trees too close to them.

3. Place a barrier that will prevent tree roots from growing into the sewer lines. Do you already have trees planted near sewer lines? You can use metal or wood barriers by burying them all around sewage pipes where roots are near. Some states and jurisdictions allow the placing of chemical barriers like slow-release potassium hydroxide or copper sulfate to prevent the growth of roots near the sewer area.

4. Check if you are having problems with clogged drains. If clogging happens too often, then there might be a bigger headache ahead. Oftentimes, tree roots growing into the sewage lines can cause clogging, which in turn cause drainage problems in your home. The sooner you resolve clogged pipes, the better to avoid ever-growing problems.