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Clogged toilets and sinks can cause big troubles. They can be difficult to fix and are also unhygienic. If you have limited time and drain cleaning experience, you probably need to call a drain cleaner and rooter for help. Before you do, however, you may want to try a DIY fix for a quick solution. You can start by determining what type of toilet or sink clog you are dealing with—minor or major.

unclog you sink and toilet

(Pixabay / evitaochel)

If your toilet or sink has not been draining properly for the past few weeks, then you probably have a major clog. If the toilet or sink still drains but not as fast as you would like, you probably have a minor clog that can be fixed by something as simple as adding baking soda.

For a major clog, you will have to work in installments. Start by pouring a quarter cup of baking soda down your clogged toilet or sink and let the solution work for a few minutes. Follow it up by adding hot water to speed up the process. You can check after a few minutes to see if the toilet or sink is working. If it is still clogged, you can pour in more baking soda followed by vinegar. Give the solution more time to work before repeating the process. When you hear suction, the water is starting to go down, and your unclogging tactics worked.

If repeated DIY attempts fail, call a professional Utah drain cleaner and rooter. It’s better to deal with the problem quickly than to risk having it grow into a full-blown drain cleaning disaster.