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Memorial Day is to commemorate American men and women who have given their all for our military and freedoms. Socially, the day has seemed to extend to remembering all that have passed, military or otherwise. Additionally, Memorial Day weekend has unofficially become the beginning of summer and kicks off a lot of summertime celebrations. How do you recognize or celebrate Memorial Day, Utah?

Memorial Day

Visit military and loved ones that have passed

Visiting friends and family that have passed has become a sacred observance for many of us on Memorial Day. If you also find it in your heart, why not pay tribute to fallen soldiers who may not be so fortunate as to have respects paid otherwise? You can check your local Salt Lake City or Davis County newspaper, or contact an installation of American Legion or Veterans of Foreign Wars post to ask about nearby military grave sites.


What’s a Memorial Day weekend without a parade? No matter your age, parades have an undeniable atmosphere that is sure to get anyone excited. Beautiful floats are on display for the adults and candy is thrown for the children of Utah.

Raise the flag of the United States of America at half-mast

The U.S. flag, and subsequently any Utah flags, are raised usually raised only half-mast from dawn until twelve noon on Memorial Day. After noon time, flags are raised back to the top of the flag pole.

Make sure to keep the U.S. Banner higher than your state, county, or flags of any other recognition. Customarily, the American banner is the most astounding, the state banner is next, and all others are underneath them.

Visit Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. offers unparalleled opportunities to visit numerous places of fallen soldiers and military displays, including the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.
How do you celebrate Memorial Day, Utah?e Memorial Day?